Breathtaking sceneries

We  take production crews to the homes of the nomadic herdsmen in the northern alpine region of Bhutan in Lunana. Spending months at a stretch, we have provided support, staff and skills to the production companies. From translation services to location scouting, we provide the local know how and support that is crucial for the success of a production in a rugged country like Bhutan.  From arranging interviews with government ministers to organizing chopper service for aerial shoots has covered the entire gamut of support service needed for filming in Bhutan.

The rules and rates for filming in Bhutan differ from that of the normal treks and tours. Tourists or professionals intent on filming in Bhutan must abide by the Bhutan Filming Regulations, 1995, available with implementing agency, the Tourism Council Of Bhutan

(The regulation does not apply to feature and cinematographic films)
Applications for a filming permit must be submitted to the Tourism Authority of Bhutan at least 30 days in advance. The application must be accompanied by: Synopsis of the film – theme/ background/objective/purpose. Specific location/objects/activities. Composition of the team and list of equipment, accessories/consumables (members of the team will have to pay the full daily tourist tariff)

Filming Royalty
•    First 30 minutes or part thereof – US$ 10,000.
•    Next 30 minutes or part thereof – US$ 60,000.
•    Every additional 30 minutes or part thereof – US$ 3000

In addition a security deposit of US$ 5,000 must be deposited with the Tourism Council of Bhutan. This deposit will be refunded upon completion of the film to the satisfaction of the Tourism Council of Bhutan

We do the research and location hunt and other necessary works as per the subject of your film before your arrival so that you can have a fantastic filming experience in Bhutan.

For documents are needed to obtain the filming permit from the Department of Information & Media (BIGMA).

Itinerary can be made after our clients intention to shoot films.