Flora and Fauna

Due to its location in the moist eastern Himalayas, Bhutan is endowed with a rich flora and fauna. Data show that Bhutan is home to 160 species of mammals, 770 species of birds and 5,400 species of vascular plants. As scientists scour the country’s forests, more species are being discovered. The list covers endangered and rare species of fauna and flora. With more than 70% of its total land as forests, Bhutan is indeed a haven for Mother Nature’s creations. We have taken our clients to the different ecological zones of Bhutan, enabling them to discover for themselves the grandeur of Bhutan’s ecological heritage. A trip to the national parks and the natural habitats of the elusive snow leopard, the meadows where rare wild flowers bloom in spring, the valleys where the endangered black necked cranes come to roost in winter, can transport to you a world, a world described by nature lovers and ecologists as “The Living Eden.”