With so many blessed and enchanting sacred sites of various enlightened masters one can reconnect to the deeper level of  consciousness. From time immemorial Bhutan has been the host country for Buddhist practitioners from neighboring countries like India, Tibet, Nepal and Bangladesh. The  ambiance of  pristine and  intact natural environment played a crucial role in helping many masters to gain higher qualities of wisdom through mediation. Even to this day there are some who are secretly pursuing this matter  high up in the mountains in seclusion.
For the serious Buddhist practitioner this is it, that Bhutan is  there to welcome you with all the sacred sites in the only independent Vajrayana kingdom in the world.


Loving Heart Neykor (neykor means pilgrim)  (10 Days)

For 1 pax US$ 5000
For 2 pax US$ 4500 each
For 3 pax and above US$ 4000 each.

The moment you arrive at Paro after lunch the nyekor begins by visiting sacred temples and monuments which dates back to 7 century. The entire Places that you visit will be filled with many holy and blessed sites and you will be guaranteed of a truly neykor.

Day 1 -Arrival at Paro.
-After lunch visit to Kichu Lhakhang, a temple which was built by Chogyal Songtsen Gonpo in the 6th century.
-Dumtse Lhakhang, a temple built by Drubthob Thangthong Gyalpo.
-Visit to Paro Dzong (Dzong mean Fortress)

Day 2-Paro to Thimphu (1 half hours)
-After lunch visit to Tashichho Dzong (fortress, the main seat for king and the head abbot)
-Memorial Chorten (a stupa designed by HH. Dudjom Rinpoche in 1970´s and
built by royal grand mother in the memory of  The 3rd king of Bhutan)
-Chang Gangkha Lhakhang (built by Lama Phajo Drugom zhipo’s  son Sey Nyima )
-Thimphu town sightseeing

Day 3-Thimphu
-Tango Buddhist college
-college of Buddhist Astrology
-Semtokha Dzong (The fortress built by Zhabdrung Ngagwang Namgyal in 1616)

Day 4-Thimphu to Punakha (3 half hours)
-visit to Dochula Temple
-Chimme Lhakhang (Blessed by the Divine mad man Drukpa Kuenleg
-Punakha Dzong (Fortress built by Zhabdrung Ngagwang Namgyal in 1637)

Day 5-Punakha to Bumthang via Trongsa (8 and half hours)
-Lunch at Trongsa
-Hotel Check in and rest

Day 6-Bumthang
-Jambay Lhakhang (Tempel built by Chogyal Songtsen Gonpo in 6th century)-Kurje Lhakhang (Temple where Guru Padmasambhava left his body imprint)


-Tamzhing Lhakhang (Temple built by Terton Pema Lingpa)-Lhodra kharchu Lhakhang (HH.Namkhi Nyingpo’s Temple)

Day 7-Bumthang
-Tang Rimpoche Lhakhang (one of the holy site of Guru Rinpoches )-Mebartsho (The burning lake)

-Jakar Dzong (Fortress built by lama Nagi wangchuk in 1549)

Day 8-Bumthang to Paro via Trongsa (12 hours)
-visit to Trongsa Ta Dzong(National Museum built in 1652) and Trongsa Dzong (Fortress built in 1648)
-Lunch at Trongsa
-Drive to Paro

Day 9-Paro
-hike to Taktshang temple (Tigers Nest)
-Paro sightseeing