Matching for people who loves to raft, there are plenty of good stretches on many of the rivers ranging from grade 3 to 5. Rivers in Bhutan provides the opportunity for tourists to experience rafting and kayaking. The outstanding ones are the “Mo chu“ upstream of punakha in western Bhutan and the Ema datse canyon on the Mangde chu in central Bhutan. The river has some class-3 rapids, namely Horse Play, Strainers Paradise and the wrathful Buddha.
March till May and in October till December is the best time for this activity. The company will provide you with all rafting equipment with safety measures but clients are also required to bring their safety gear for better fitting and comfort.

*The most famous rafting and kayaking rivers in Bhutan are ‚Pho Chu‘ & ‚Mo Chu‘ which is located in Punakha district. The natural setting and the sheer variety of the rivers’ courses makes up for a unique opportunity to explore Bhutan’s beautiful wilderness. It is more than a teaser and an invitation to anyone interested in adventure travels. The rivers are plentiful with high currents and depths reaching a maximum of about five meters; at places it passes gently on and in others the rivers rage through loudly, dominating the environs. Although adventure sports and tourism are relatively recent introductions, it is gaining on in popularity. The sport offers something for everyone. There is easy rafting for beginners and hair-raising runs for the veterans. Besides the rafts and the kayaks, Bhutanese agents also organize walking and trekking expeditions along the scenic river banks. The best time for rafting and kayaking is from March to April and November to December.

Clean Waves.(9 days)

Day 1 -Arival at Paro and drive to Thimphu
Day 2-Thimphu
Day 3-Thimphu to Punakha
Day 4-Punakha (Pho chu or Mo chu rafting)
Day 5-phobjikha valley
Day 6-Phobjikha to Bumthang
Day 7-Bumthang
Day 8-Paro
Day 9-Departure

Why biking in Bhutan?

If you like good roads to cycle on, than Bhutan is a bad choice.
If you can’t fix your bike if it breaks down, than try India or a place with plenty of bike repair shops. However, don’t expect the Indian bike fixer to know much about ultra modern feather light super expensive executive bikes, nor to have the appropriate spares or tools. But you may be amazed about the variety of problems that can be fixed simply with a hammer.

If you like to bike short distances only, than Bhutan may not be your best choice, unless you prefer to bike around towns, or jump in a following vehicle when you get tired of it.

What is left as good reasons to bike in Bhutan? Plenty:
Bhutan has immense areas of undisturbed nature and even cycling along its „highways“ one sees a lot of  it.

The views are often stunning, but you are advised to stop before you look.
The climate in large parts of the country is quite pleasant for cycling, especially in spring and fall.
None of the main roads are very steep. The average percentage seems to be around 7%, which is what overloaded Tata trucks  can manage.
Even on the highways there is little traffic, especially east of Wangdiphodrang.