Trekking is mainly done along the ancient trade routes far away from towns in Bhutan. Trek routes take you to the villages not yet touched by modernization.

Bhutan is often known as the trekking country owing to its wonderful trekking trails. Trekking is mainly done along the ancient trade routes far away from towns. Some treks can be long and arduous, but they are complemented by crystal air and views that defy description. Trails are not as developed as they are in the other countries, however Bhutan makes up for superb support facilities for trekkers.  The trekking route in Bhutan is very striking and adventurous, trails often passing through the thick forest and beautiful hamlets, crossing the high passes and rivers, spotting many waterfalls and wild animals, and the scenic beauty of the wide array of wild flowers are but a regular spotting. The tour company offers all the comforts for a successful trekking.
All our trekker are accompanied by experienced and excellent support staff. You will only have to carry an extra day back pack with you camera and memory cards. All gear is carried by horses and yaks. The support crew walks ahead of the trekking party each day and pitches camp before the trekkers arrive and offers a warm welcome in the midst of forests and mountains with a warm cup of tea and other necessities.
Many famous trekking routes pass through temperate and alpine mountains therefore altitude sickness can be an acute problem for trekkers in Bhutan. When the trekking route is above 3500 meters  the walkers who have not properly acclimatized or those who suffer from altitude sickness are advised not to trek. If you are not used to high altitudes it’s a good idea to start slowly and allow yourself to acclimatize. However, there are many beautiful trekking routes in the lower altitudes as well. These trekking routes are best described in the itineraries.
During the trek, all meals are carefully planned. Your wake-up call each morning will be a hot Tea or Coffee brought to your tent along with a bowl of hot water for personal hygiene.

For meals, a dinning table is set up with a table cloth, chairs and condiments. A bowl of hot soapy water is provided before all meals as hygiene remains a priority. Breakfast is always cooked, and dinner includes a choice of at least four dishes.
We suggest you to take the following equipment  for better and more comfortable trekking experience.

* A quality sleeping bag.
* Waterproof Gators.
* Seeping mat for extra cushioning.
*A headlamp torch and a normal torch.
* Binoculars and Camera.
* Small day pack.
* Sunscreen, sun hat and sun glasses.
* Small medical kit. (The guide carries a larger Medical kit).
* Quality footwear that has been previously worn in.
* Antiseptic hand gel for disinfecting hands without water.

Snowman trek  (34 days)   

Snowman trek is considered one of the worlds  most adventurous  trek. Walking over 400 miles (644 km) crossing over 14 passes (5400 meters) and sleeping at 5000 meters camps this is definitely a life time trek with more chances of completing .

Day 1-Paro Arrival
Day 2-Paro sightseeing
Day 3-Paro to Shana (Trek begins)
Day 4-Shana to Thangthangkha
Day 5-Thangthangkha to Jangothang
Day 6-Jangothang to Halt
Day 7-Jangothang to Lingshi
Day 8-Lingshi to Chebisa
Day 9-Chebisa to Shakayapasa
Day 1o-Shakayapas to Tsheringyangu
Day 11-Tsheringyangu to Limithang
Day 12-Limithang to Laya
Day 13-Laya Halt
Day 14-Laya to Rodophu
Day  15-Rodophu to Narithang
Day 16-Narithang to Tarina
Day 17-Tarina to Wochey
Day 18-Wochey to Lhedi
Day 19-Lhedi to Thanza
Day 20-Thanza Halt
Day 21-Thanza to Tshorim
Day 22-Tshorim to Sarim
Day 23-Sarim to Geshey woma/Mechu gang
Day 24-Geshey woma/Mechu gang to Uruthang
Day 25-Uruthang to Dur Tshachu
Day 26-Dur Tshachu Halt
Day 27-Dur Tshachu to Tshochenchen
Day 28-Tshochenchen to Lunsum/Gorsum
Day 29-Lunsum to Jakar (Trek ends)
Day 30-Jakar sightseeing
Day 31– Jakar to Punakha (8 half hrs)
Day 32-Punakha to Thimphu (2 half hrs)
Day 33-Thimphu to Paro (1 half hrs)
Day 34-Departure

Samtengang Trek (10 days)

Samtengang trek is one of the easiest low altitude winter trek. The trek leads you to many  small  villages  and through sub tropical forest. Its good for beginners.

Day 1-Arrival in Paro and transfer to Thimphu (1 half hrs)
Day 2– Thimphu sightseeing
Day 3-Thimphu to Punakha (3 hrs)
Day 4-Punakha(Jigmethang) to Limukha
Day 5-Limukha to Sha Chungsaykha
Day 6-Sha Chungsaykha to Samtengang
Day 7-Samtengang to Tiki zampa decent (1 half hrs) or direct to Phobjikha (2 half hrs).
Day 8-Phobjikha to Paro (5 half hrs)
Day 9-Paro sightseeing
Day 10-Departure

Druk Path trek (11 Days)

Probably the most easiest and popular trek in Bhutan due to its  short duration which even the senior ones can do it.

Day 1-Arrival in Paro .Visit to National Museum and Paro Dzong (Fortress)
Day 2-Paro Visit to Tigers Nest and Kichu Lhakhang.
Day 3– Start of the trek. Paro to Jela Dzong (6hours).Altitude 3000 m
Day 4-Jela Dzong to Jangchublakha (4 hours).Altitude 3200 m
Day 5-Jangchublakha to Jimilangtsho (6 hours).Altitude 3300
Day 6-Jimilangtsho to Labana (7 hours).Altitude 3500
Day 7-Labana to Thimphu (6 hours). Altitude 4200 m at Pumo la pass
Day 8-Thimphu sightseeing. Altitude 2400 m
Day 9-Thimphu to Punakha (3 hours). Altitude 1400. (Punakha Dzong visit after lunch)
Day 10-Punakha  to Paro (on the way back to Paro Chimmi Lhakhang Visit)
Day 11-Departure

Jomolhari Yaksa Trek (14 days)

Jomolhari at 7326 meter is considered the abode of  goddess Jomo. The trek goes all the way to Jangothang from where Jomolhari looks close enough to be touched.  From there you trek east to Yaksa the beautiful region of yaks. Besides trekking in the mountains you will also be visiting cultural centers in Thimphu, Paro and Punakha.

Day 1-Arrival in Paro .Visit to National Museum and Paro Dzong (Fortress)
Day 2-Paro Visit to Tigers Nest and Kichu Lhakhang.
Day 3-Trek begins from Paro to Shana (6 hours) Altitude 2800 m
Day 4-Shana to Thangthangkha (8 hours) Altitude 3630 m
Day 5-Thangthangkha to Jangothankg (6 hours) Altitude 4090 m
Day 6-Jangothankg halt for acclimatization. Optional hike to Tshophu lake (2 hours).
Day 7-Jangothang to Yaksa (7 hours) Altitude 4090 m. You have to cross the Bonte la Pass at 4820 m
Day 8-Yaksa to Thombu (5 hours) Altitude 4150 m. You have to cross the Thombu la pass at 4550 m
Day 9-Thombu to Gunitsawa (6 hours) Altitude 2600 m
Day 10-Gunitsawa to Thimphu via Paro.
Day 11-Thimphu sightseeing.Altitude 2400 m
Day 12-Thimphu to Punakha (3 hours) Altitude 1400.(Punakha Dzong visit after lunch)
Day 13-Punakha  to Paro (on the way back to Paro Chimmi Lhakhang Visit)
Day 14-Departure

Nubtshonapata Trek (12 Days)

This trek starts from Haa and goes very close the tri-junction border of  Bhutan, India and China. Beautiful view of worlds 3rd highest peak Kanchenjunga (8586 m). Also, a spectacular sunset far down the plains in the south are seen. It is  relaxing with not much of climbing.

Day 1-Arrival in Paro and transfer to Thimphu (1 half hours).
Day 2-Thimphu sightseeing
Day 3-Thimphu to Punakha (3 hours) Altitude 1400. (Punakha Dzong visit after     lunch)
Day 4-Punakha  to Paro (on the way back to Paro Chimmi Lhakhang Visit)
Day 5-Paro sightseeing
Day 6-Paro to Haa (3hours) via the chelela pass 3810 m.
Day 7– Trek begins from Haa to Womji. Have to cross Talela pass 3780 m and Gochula pass 4000 m. Camp at Womji
Day 8-Womji to Tshonapatra. Have to cross Gochhila pass 4350 m and Tshejala pass. Camp at Tshonapatra.
Day 9-Tshonapatra Halt.
Day 10-Tshonapatra to Tshojo
Day 11-Tshojo to Haa. Then towards Paro.
Day 12-Departure

Dagala Thousand Lake Trek (11 Days)

Dagala trek is the only trek in Bhutan which offers all the view of high mountain peaks of Bhutan. Also, it includes the Kanchenjunga at 8585 m and some high peaks of Nepal. You will be able to see lots of lakes, hence the name. The treks start between Thimphu and Paro Highway and ends in Thimphu.

The first day of the trek is quite strenuous being uphill climb.

Day 1-Arrival in Paro. Visit to National Museum and Paro Dzong (Fortress)
Day 2-Paro .Visit to Tigers Nest and Kichu Lhakhang.
Day 3-Paro to Genekha (1 hours). Trek Begins from Kepchen (6 hours) 3710 m. Camp at Kepchen.
Day 4-Kepchen to Zamto via Dolonggu pass at 4500 m.(8 hours). Camp at Zamto.
Day 5-Zamto to Thueshi (6 hours) Altitude 3250 m.
Day 6-Thueshi to Shungkula/Cherigang.(5 hours) Altitude 3500 m. Pass to cross is Japhu la 4185m. Camp at Shungkula.
Day 7-Shungkula to Thimphu/Chamgang (Trek ends) (3 hours).
Day 8-Thimphu to Punakha (3 hours) Altitude 1400. (Punakha Dzong visit after lunch)
Day 9-Punakha to Phobjikha (3 hours)
Day 10-Phobjikha to Paro via  Thimphu (6 hours)
Day 11-Departure